How to Promote Your Graphic Design Portfolio

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There is no point in creating a portfolio website if nobody looks at it. If you have a low number of viewers per day then your chances of meeting new clients drops substantially. If you have thousands of hits to your website per day then you will start to get your name out as an artist and your chances of gaining clients greatly increases. If your portfolio is top-notch then your viewers will tell their friends about it and you will most likely gain new clients that are interested in your work.

But the first step to gaining new clients is promoting your graphic design portfolio. This can be achieved by following the advice below.

Submit Portfolio

You should start by submitting your portfolio to design inspiration sites. These sites show a wide variety of portfolios from artists all across the world and the public is free to browse through them whenever they want. If your portfolio is really well done you can gain a ton of traffic from these websites. Make sure your portfolio is totally complete before you submit it to these sites. An incomplete or sloppy portfolio will make you look unprofessional and not a lot of people will look at your site.

Participate in Forums

Participate in graphic design or other art related forums. These are communities where artists can discuss the latest design trends, show their work, or just talk freely amongst themselves. Make posts showing them your portfolio and ask them for ideas and suggestions. Not only will this help you improve your portfolio, but you will gain added portfolio views from the forum members. If you are an extremely active member in the forum then there is a greater chance that your post will be read by the members.

Tell Your Friends and Family

Tell your friends and family about your portfolio website. Although this might not seem like a great way to advertise, word of your portfolio will soon spread as they talk about it with everyone they know. Your parents are great people to show your online portfolio to. Parents always enjoy bragging about their children’s accomplishments and they will certainly tell a good number of people about your portfolio.

Search Engine Optimization

Research search engine optimization. This is something you need to spend a lot of time on if you seek to promote your website. By increasing your search engine optimization your website will come closer and closer to the front page of Google and you will gain an amazing amount of traffic. The more you research search engine optimization, the more traffic you will bring to your website.

Link Trade

Link trade with other websites that have to do with graphic design. In a nutshell, this means that you place their link on your website and they return the favor. Not only does having a link to your portfolio on someone else’s website increase your search engine optimization, but there is also a good chance that their viewers will click the link and find themselves looking at your portfolio.

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