Why Does a Good Branding Help Startups?

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What can you think of when you see the “M” letter? Huh? Maybe “McDonald”, right?

Why would you think of McDonald? This is probably because their brand image is deeply carved into your brain.

This is just a “M” letter, isn’t it?

The same situation can also be implemented on startup companies.

Due to the nature that new startup companies are usually unrecognizable in the market, a good branding is one of the best strategies to make people REMEMBER you.

Importance of Branding

In the previous century, people did’t really interact directly with the brand of your companies itself.

When you started an enterprise, both you and our colleagues met your customers face-to-face. So, they know how you look, what is your name and your personality.

Your customers came into your shop, they spoke with you on the telephone and they see you in all the social meetings.

They recognized you as the brand. You are the company itself.

And now, people only imagine many companies in an abstract sense. Why? This is due to the evolution of technology, and the enhancement of Internet and online social network.

The emotional connection within person to person has decreased. Therefore the brand image itself is now an important element in human mind.


Why Does a Good Branding Help Startups?

It creates and puts the personality back into your startup business.

By putting all these design style, shape, color in the right way, your products or services are now expressing their personality. You are telling your customers who they are going to buy from.

You cannot sell things if your customers do not recognize you.


In the reality, the most valuable thing in your business is not your products or services, or your people as well as your hardware.

It’s your brand identity.

Imagine, if you had to replace your team could your business still continue going? It will be hard, but it is possible.

So how about your product? You lost your product but you can still pick up another one.

Your brand image? If your brand image is ruined, no one will trust you anymore. How can you continue your business?

You certainly need to start over. You must reinvent your company and in many cases modify your product or service.

This is why a good brand image is essential to every business not to mention startup companies.

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