5 Flat Creative Logo Design 2017 For Inspiration

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There’s a saying that goes like this:  A picture is worth a thousand words

This applies to logo design and is absolutely correct. A well-designed logo can effectively use a simple icon to leave the public with a deep impression. A logo can tell a lot of things, such as the quality of service the company can offer for its customers. An unforgettable logo is always advantaged especially one wants to make sure that the new visitors will return in the future.

Although nobody can tell what kinds of logo can make your brand worthy, here are 5 selected logo examples for your inspiration.

The majority of these logos comes from Dribbble and Behance, which are now the most popular resources for graphic designers.

1. Reflect Architecture

Creator: Gevi Marotz

Source: Reflect Architecture Logo

The combination of word R and A. And the best part is the long shadow.


2. Bitlabs

Creator: Chaiahmad

Source: Bitlabs

A very clear and nice logo to express the message of the labs.


3. Lion King

Creator: George Otsubo

Source: Lion King

When you look closely, the diamond-shape object of the logo looks like a lion.


4. Mailshare

Creator: Alex Kirhenstein

Source: Draward

The 2 arrows symbolize share. The whole logo indicates a mail.



Creator: RedkroftAlex Kirhenstein

Source: Behance

The letter “A” is simply a jail. You can see a man trapped inside.



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