Is Website Design Important for SEO?

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Is Website Design Important for SEO?


There are a lot of websites that do not have a good look from the design point of view, but still draw a lot of attention and have generate sales. Could it be that website design is not that important? What makes the website look appealing for the visitors? Let’s try to give answers to these questions.

On one hand, web design is not that important for SEO as search engine bots will not appreciate the aesthetic look of your website (they are looking only for content, not at the images). All of the beautiful pictures, creative ideas and flash elements of your website will not influence search engine ranking.

On the other hand the website is created for people and an ugly designed site will not catch visitors’ attention and interest. You risk losing a lot of traffic this way. If users see that you have a nice and professional looking website the viewer will visit it again and again. In addition, the user will have more trust to your online business. Your website should be professional looking to attract clients.


Consider the following:


1. Bad website design but good optimization for Search engines will rank high on the search engines and generate a lot of traffic. When the visitor sees your website, he or she will leave the site quickly to look for something better. You will have poor brand identity.

2. A poorly designed site will not have good branding value, and viewers will not want to socially bookmark the site.




1. Spend a bit money on website design. Try to make it look decent enough to catch the attention of your visitor. And at the same time always remember that content is the main thing in your website.

2. There’s no need to add expensive high tech features. These don’t increase sales or your rankings on the Search Engines.

To have a successful website, you should make a nice user friendly design that has search engine friendly content.

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